Yukon First Nations Business Registry

This registry is a listing of Yukon First Nations businesses. We've defined "Yukon First Nations business" in our procurement policy (GAM 2.6)

The Government and the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce administer this registry. We developed this registry to link businesses with:

  • Government Procurement Authorities;
  • the wider business community; and
  • interested organizations.”

Yukon First Nations businesses can create a free account by selecting ‘Register your business’

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Recruitment Services, what we can do for you? Nurse staffing is offered by Northern Nursing Solutions to clients across B.C. and Alberta We aim to meet their staffing needs and create long term relationships and ongoing services. We target facilities within health authorities such as: PHSA, FNHA, YHA, AHS, and private facilities such as Sienna Living and Good Samaritan Society within B.C. We plan to expand to Alberta and the Yukon Territories within five years. Our services aim to provide…