Da Nan Developments Ltd.

Business type: Corporation

Contact Information

Main Contact

Name: Jesse Bouchard
Address: 121A Platinum Road, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5M3

Products and services

Da Nan Developments Ltd, operating at Whitehorse Properties LP, is the real estate and lease holder company for Chu Niikwan LP's developments and land. KDFN is the largest private landowner in the City of Whitehorse with 85 settlement land parcels totaling over 2,385 hectares. KDFN was the first Yukon First Nation to register title of some Settlement Lands with the Yukon Land Titles Office.
Product and service categories
  • Facilities
  • redevelopment
  • trades
  • machinery
  • construction
  • architectural or engineering
Website: www.cnlp.ca