Yukon First Nations Business Registry

This registry is a listing of verified Yukon First Nations businesses. We've defined "Yukon First Nations business" in our procurement policy (GAM 2.6)

The Government and the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce administer this registry. We developed this registry to link businesses with:

  • Government Procurement Authorities;
  • the wider business community; and
  • interested organizations.

Yukon First Nations businesses can apply by selecting ‘Register your business

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Corporation | Automotive, Kluane First Nation, Teslin Tlingit Council
Supporting Indigenous governments and organizations to build capacity and reach their Nation building goals through: - Facilitation - Contracts & Consultation - Engagements Supporting Government - Business & NGO's in the important and complex work of Reconciliation, Indigenization and effective First Nation engagement through: - Workshops - Facilitation - Strategic Planning - Presentation & Engagement - Supporting Post-Secondary Institutions & Reconciliation through…
Sole Proprietorship | Kluane First Nation
Bella Elite specializes in event management and strategic planning tailored for the unique needs of northern communities and the North.
Partnership | Kluane First Nation
General land clearing, brush and weed road clearing, road construction, building demolition, docks and boat launches, guardrails and other general construction contracts.
Corporation | Kluane First Nation, First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun, White River First Nation, Non-Yukon First Nation
Helicopter owner and operator
Sole Proprietorship | Kluane First Nation
Heavy Duty Equipment Services
Sole Proprietorship | Kluane First Nation
Dump truck operations, can include hauling dirt, gravel, etc. Skid steer operations, can include services like brushing, clearing, lifting, etc.
Corporation | Kluane First Nation
We are an organization that connects people and organizations to bring visions to life. We provide guidance and assistance in bridging cultures, governance structures and communications between Yukon First Nations and potential partners.
Corporation | Kluane First Nation
General Partner for Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership
Partnership | Kluane First Nation
To provide Economic growth and increase business opportunities benefitting the people of Kluane First Nation. Some services; civil construction, equipment rental, camp accommodation, labour force, Emergency Medical Responder, Traffic control, H&S, Vegetation Control.
Corporation | Kluane First Nation
Kluane Dan Holdings Inc. is 100% owned by Kluane First Nations. It is the Parent Corporation to the following four Corporations which are all owned 100% by Kluane First Nation Kluane Community Development Corporation also has Kluane Community Development LP Kluane Energy Corporation also has Kluane Energy LP Kluane Mineral Resources Inc. has Kluane Mineral Resources LP Kluane Dana Shaw Corporation has Klaune Dana Shaw LP